Alex is a Freelance Content, Social Media Specialist based in Brooklyln, NY. No I don't usually talk about myself in third person, thank you.

What I do is two-fold: On the first fold, I provide insights-driven, practical yet innovative strategic advice that sets up creative work for success. On the second, I'm a consultant for growing communities with an audience-first approach. Experience tells me that carefully targeted, purposeful messages build interest and eventual loyalty. Not  the-clubbing-them-over-the-head-with-it-and-carrying-them-back-to-your-cave approach. Call me an advocate for a better user experience, 

I have 4+ years experience working across full-service agencies, including Momentum, Big Spaceship, MRM//McCann, to name a few. Previous clients include: Samsung Mobile, Microsoft, Vanguard, Mondelez, Windstream, and then some.