This is the story of me, Alex Marin, a Miami-born gal working the ad #lyf in NYC and eating all the pizza this great city has to offer. I'm a strategist working on honing in on strategic planning, qualitative and quantitative research skillz in the digital and social space. For two years, my life was all about Media Studies during my graduate program at The New School where I focused on social media, graphic design, and video editing.  

Along the way, I picked up a few projects (including a webseries and freelance gigs) that challenged me in both creative and technical aspects. As cheesy as that sounds (I can SMELL the gouda...wait i'm hungry) those challenges are what proved that perspective creates limits. Not my skill set. 

I've edited internet videos for MTV, and developed creative content for TV Land's social media pages. Then, I took a deep dive into social as a strategy intern at Big Spaceship, where I learned that I really like hashtags, social tactics, researching audience behaviors (a.k.a. stalking people online), and am applying a happy combination of both content and strategy as a content strategist at Momentum Worldwide. 

You can currently find me living in Brooklyn with an oversized cat, brush lettering on the weekends, and always using my noggin and pizazz to shape the way we all use and create media.